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Structural Engineers Brisbane

Brisbane Structural Engineers

Structural Engineers BrisbaneAspire Engineering Brisbane is a leading provider of Engineering in Brisbane. We are formed of a small team of highly qualified engineers. We use our combined experience to deliver effective and efficient engineering solutions. Based near the Brisbane CBD (South Brisbane), we service all of South-East Queensland. We service all project sizes. Our clients include:

  • Private customers
  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Contractors
  • Local and State Government bodies

Engineering Consulting & Investigations

Engineers Inspections and ReportsOur highest-demand engineering services are our Consulting, Investigation and Inspection offerings. Here we conduct site inspections to determine the cause and severity of defects or damage a building may have sustained. This is where our engineer’s experience and skill truly shine. We provide our clients with detailed engineering reports, explaining the problem. Further, our reports contain specialist advice in repair methods for such issues. If you are a property owner looking for a Structural Engineer’s Inspection in Brisbane, click here.  Are you looking for a Residential Structural Engineer’s Inspection in Brisbane and surrounds? Or are you looking for a Commercial Structural Engineer’s Inspection in Brisbane and surrounds?

Structural Engineering Delivery

Structural Engineering BrisbaneAspire Engineering Brisbane  provides high-quality structural engineering services in Brisbane and surrounds using through knowledge and experience. We have highly-qualified and trained engineering staff who formulate long lasting and cost effective engineering solutions.

We deliver our engineering services with the Client Understanding Framework:

  1. We recognise that you have a limited project budget – you don’t need an over engineered design;
  2. We understand you want project to be carried out right the first time – you need clear and concise documentation;
  3. We know that you need projects turned around quickly;

We have applied this framework to the following:

  1. Residential engineering design and certification
  2. Commercial engineering design and certification
  3. Industrial engineering design and certification
  4. Sporting engineering design and certification
  5. Medical centres and places of worship engineering design and certification

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineers BrisbaneGeotechnical engineering is a topic requiring strong training and experience. This is particularly true for the Brisbane and South East Queensland area with its highly varied and reactive soils. Foundation and geotechnical engineering takes many environmental variables into account. These ground systems are situated in very dynamic conditions, so they need to be able perform without failure in highly variable scenarios. This means accounting for evens that might only occur once in 50 years, or even once every 100 years. This includes events such as droughts, storms and floods – these all have a very high impact on ground and soil conditions. Many engineering firms try to mitigate risks in their designs by over-engineering them. This ends up in the client having to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra construction materials and labour. At Aspire Engineering Brisbane however, out knowledgeable engineers design cost-effective engineering solutions that stand the test of time.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers BrisbaneThe last 30 years has seen a significant increase in infrastructure and urban development spending to deal with an ever increasing population in urban centres.  This growth has also required a large scale increasing housing. A consequence of this phenomena is an increased need for civil works, such as:

  1. Subdivision design
  2. Road & Highway Design
  3. Stormwater Design &  Management
  4. Sewerage Reticulation Design
  5. Water Reticulation Design
  6. Waterway Flood Analysis
  7. Water Quality Investigations
  8. Trunk Sewer & Water Network Assessments
  9. Erosion & Sediment Control
  10. Contract Administration
  11. Infrastructure Agreement Advice
  12. Estimation & Feasibility Studies

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